You can use our taxi services during the whole year.

 The starting port is Punat.
 The time needed to return a boat from one of our destinations to our home port is also calculated in the total time of our taxi boat service.
Also, if the starting point is from another port, we will also calculate the time we need to get from Punat to your starting point.


 The orientation price of one hour boat ride is 7 € / person,

but if you are less than 5 people, then the price of 35 € / boat.


The time distance from the Port of Punat:

 - Košljun Island (monastery island)      10min

 - Peninsula Prniba(Port of St.Mikul)     10min

 - Kornić(Port of St.Dunat)                      10min

 - FKK Konobe                                            25min

 - Krk City                                                   30min

 - Wild bays                                                45min

 - St.Juraj bay                                            50min

 - Stara Baška                                            1h

 - Plavnik island(north coast)                 1h

 - Plavnik island(Port of Krušija)            1,5h

 - Baška                                                       2h

 - St.Grgur island(prison)                         2h 

 - Rab island(sand beaches)                   2,5h

 - Goli island(prison)                                2,5h

 - Vela luka bay                                        2,5h


 The most wanted destinations of our taxi-boat service are:


    - Košljun Island (monastery island) 4-7 € / person (return ticket)

    - Krk city 8-15 € / person (one way)

    - Peninsula Prniba 3-4 € / person (one way)

     -FKK Konobe 7-11 € / person (one way)


 Look at the price list of our services!

taxi boat punat destinations



mundi mare 3.JPG


                                                                PRICE LIST                                 







​BOAT RIDE  in season*                      360 kn /boat /h  


BOAT RIDE out of season

less than 5 people                              250 kn /boat /h**


BOAT RIDE out of season,

 more than 5 people                             50 kn /pers /h


BOAT RIDE out of season ½ h             150 kn /boat** 


WILD BAYS out of season 2,5h            600 kn /boat

 More than 6 people                              100 kn /pers.  


PLAVNIK+WB out of season 4h           1125 kn /boat            

 More than 6 people                               180 kn /pers.



WILD BAYS   - half day boat ride (4h)


 PRIVATE:         1500 kn / boat***


 PUBLIC (Only in the main season from 15.06. till 15.09.)              Adults:        150 kn/pers.

Children up to 14 years:                 100 kn /pers.


SUNSET WB 2,5h boat ride            750 kn /boat    

More than 6 people                            120 kn /pers.                                                                                                  ​       PLAVNIK ISLAND         -half day boat ride (5h)


 PRIVATE:      1900 kn /boat***


 PUBLIC (Only in the main season, from 15.06. till 15.09.):                  Adults:         190 kn /pers.

Children up to 14 years:                   120 kn /pers.



FULL DAY BOAT RIDE (9h)            3000 kn /boat***




boat ride(45 min)     225 kn /boat












Košljun return ticket (1-4 pers)       50 kn/pers.

Košljun return ticket (5-8 pers)       40 kn/pers.

Košljun return ticket (9-12 pers)     30 kn/pers.

Košljun return ticket child                20 kn/pers.





  Krk (1-4 pers)      100 kn/pers.

  Krk (5-8 pers)        80 kn/pers.

  Krk (9-12 pers)      60 kn/pers.

  Krk child                 40 kn/pers.





 Prniba (1-4 pers)    30 kn/pers.

 Prniba (5-8 pers)     25 kn/pers.

 Prniba (9-12 pers)   20 kn/pers.





  FKK (1-4 pers)      75 kn/pers.

  FKK (5-8 pers)      60 kn/pers.

  FKK (9-12 pers)    45 kn/pers.









    * Season is from 15.06. till 15.09.                      

  **  Out of season is from 15.04. till 14.06. & from

        16.09. till 15.10.

***  Out of season, we give a 20% discount on

         prices of half day and full day boat ride.