Dear guests, the price of blue diesel, the fuel I use, has almost doubled. I had to increase the price of the trip by 10-15%, sorry.
However, we grant a 10% discount to all smaller families or groups of less than 6 people for all our excursions from the "private" option.
And, of course, a 10% discount, too, for all of you who have already sailed with us.


460 € / boat

 At this excursion you will be able to enjoy all the natural attractions of the island of Krk and its surroundings. 

 You will swim and snorkel in the wild bays and on the beautiful beaches accessible only by the sea.

 I'll take you to the uninhabited island of Plavnik , where there is a reserve of griffon vultures and Love cave.

 Or, if you prefer, we can go to the sandy beaches of the island of Rab, and on the way to visit the island Grgur, Croatian Alcatraz. 

 This trip is organized only within the options privat, and this means that you can decide what time you want to be a departure

(not before 8.00 in the morning, please). 

Also, decide for yourself how long you want to swim in the sea or lie on the beach and how long do you want to drive by boat.

The maximum duration of the trip is 9 hours, and it would be o.k to return before total darkness.

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