Dear guests, the price of blue diesel, the fuel I use, has almost doubled. I had to increase the price of the trip by 10-15%, sorry.
However, we grant a 10% discount to all smaller families or groups of less than 6 people for all our excursions from the "private" option.
And, of course, a 10% discount, too, for all of you who have already sailed with us.

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on beaches accessible only by boat  



 Swimming and snorkeling in the perfectly clear sea, 

 on the most beautiful beaches of the island Krk.

 The trip takes 4 h and the boat departs every day 

 at 9 am and 2 pm from the port of Punat.


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  Uninhabited island,
 for those who  want a little more action.
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Natural attractions:


     - Griffon Vulture



         - Shogy  secret 



           - Shogy green                              eye


              - Love cave 

 Let’s explore together the secrets of an abandoned island.

The boat trip takes  5h,  and the departs every day at 9am and 2pm from the port of  Punat.


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If you want a little more adventure, come with me to Plavnik,  second largest uninhabited island in Croatia.
After an hour boat ride we reach the northern coast of the island Plavnik, which reveals many beautiful small,hidden family beaches.
If you love to snorkel, here you can see large noble pen shells.
Then we'll go to the other side of the island where we visit many natural attractions and secret places of  Plavnik island.  
You will see vultures, the largest bird in Europe, with a wingspan larger than 2.5 meters. 
You will dive in the Shogy green eye, and swim in the Love cave.
We will have 3 stops and a total of 2 hours of swimming.
The boat trip takes 5h, and departs every day at 9am and 2pmfrom the port of Punat.
To visit the Plavnik island, you can choose   private option(280€/boat)   or public option(28€/person).
Our boat is not too big,14 persons. 
Please book your place on time!

    WILD BAYS RELAXING  boat trip

 A relaxing half-day excursion, with less boat ride and more swimming and snorkeling in the perfect clear sea, and sunbathing on the most beautiful beaches of the northern Adriaticideal for all those who are trying to avoid crowds at public beaches.  


After only 45 minutes of panoramic boat ride from the port of Punat, along the coast of the most beautiful part of the island of Krk, in the direction of Stara Baška, we reach the amazing bays, accessible only by sea.  

I'll show you each of them;            

   Fox bay, Bishop bay, Golden bay, Long bay, Cornels bay. 

We will select some of them, where no other boats,
or there are not many, and we will stop next to the beach, and take a swimming break.
I have a small dinghy that you can use to transport your belongings and small children to the beach. 
Also, we can take a swimming break next to some of the caves. 
Most often we have two stops, but sometimes three, or just one, depending on your preference, the current situation
in the bays, or weather conditions.
Overall, we have more than two hours for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.
The trip takes 4h, and the boat departs every day at
9am and 2pm, from the port of Punat. 
To visit the Wild bays, you can choose private option(225€/boat) or  public option(23€/person).
Our boat is not too big,14 persons. 
Please book your place on time!
If you want to spend more time on one of the beautiful Wild bays beaches, you can use our taxi boat services.
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