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Wild Bays & Plavnik island big trip

Experience all the beauties of the northern Adriatic in one day!

  • 7 sati 30 minute
  • 410 euros
  • port of Punat

Opis usluge

This is a private boat trip that lasts almost the whole day, and takes you to both of the most popular destinations of the northern Adriatic, the deserted island of Plavnik and the Wild bays of the island of Krk. We will see all the natural attractions of southwestern Kvarner, we will stop wherever you want and whenever you want (of course, if the weather conditions allow it), swim and snorkel in the perfectly clear sea, sunbathe and lie on the most beautiful beaches without seasonal crowds. Or, if you want, jump from high rocks and swim into caves. We will have 4 hours for all that. The journey takes 7.5 hours, and the boat departs every day at 9:00, or after 1:00 p.m., when you decide, if you want to return at sunset. €30 discount for groups of less than 6 people and for all returning guests. €50 discount for returning guests who are less than 6.

Pravila otkazivanja

With the exception of deposits, we do not take any other money from your account. You pay the rest of the amount on the day of your excursion, to the captain on board, in cash or with bank card, or from your PayPal, Revolut or Wise account to our account. You can cancel your trip 7 days before the scheduled date and we will refund your deposit less transactions costs (max 3€).

Podaci za kontakt

  • TAXI BOAT PUNAT - Krk island boat excursions, Obala, Punat, Hrvatska

    +385 919141658

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